Moroccan soap with argan oil

It is a natural Moroccan soap with argan oil, very useful to cleanse, soothe, hydrate soften the skin of the body because it protects and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin tone, especially in case of 'frequent use.

In addition, Moroccan skin soap restores youth and vitality. exfoliate dead skin.

It is very effective and incredibly effective in removing the dead layer of the skin and this gives the glasses to the skin and a pink color because it is used as a soap to cleanse and remove fat from the body.

How to use Moroccan argan soap

The bathroom in the house is well prepared and comfortable for the eyes with the closure of all ports to increase the capacity of the steam, in order to lighten the pores of the skin and sit in the bathroom for 1 to 15 minutes in order to warm the skin and secrete sweat and open the pores of the skin The body painted with Moroccan soap with argan oil on all areas of the body "except the eyes" and leaves on for 15-2 minutes until it penetrates into the pores of the skin.

After that, the body is completely cleaned of Moroccan soap with argan oil, so that the Moroccan fiber will come into play It is best to have someone help you while using the well known Moroccan loofah to "lightly" rub all areas of the back, front, face and neck and let you walk the amount grease, dirt and dead skin coming out of the body.

Baladi black soap with the ingredients of argan oil, a natural product from the heart of the Souss region and the Atlas mountains in Morocco, which is made naturally by hand by beautiful Berber women
All ingredients are natural and organic Made from argan oil
Recommended once a week, or repeatedly if necessary.

Les bienfaits du savon à l'argan